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Increased immigration enforcement has led to higher numbers of detainees and, in many cases, more questions than answers. The one thing we can tell you with absolute certainty is that even as an undocumented immigrant, you have basic human rights that cannot be denied. In addition to basic respect and dignity, detainees have other rights which may or may not be communicated to them by ICE officials.

Here are 5 quick tips that can help anyone who has been detained by ICE navigate those early days in detention.

5 Tips For Detainees

  1. Inform the officer of any medical or dietary needs. If you require medication to manage a health condition or cannot eat certain foods, tell the ICE officials. You are entitled to these basic necessities.


  1. Do not sign any paperwork. You may be given paperwork to sign, but unless you fully understand the legal ramifications of the document, do not sign it. instead of signing your name, simply write “refuse to sign” on the signature line.


  1. Ask to see a judge. You have the right to request a bond hearing and see a judge. You may be tempted to waive this right out of fear or intimidation, but that is a mistake. You may be able to ask for an immigration bond or another form of relief, but only if you appear in front of a judge.


  1. Ask where you are and where you are being taken. Convey this information to your family so they can keep in touch with you.


  1. Ask to use the phone. Use your phone call to contact your family and tell them what has happened, where you are, and where you will be going. They will be able to send you your medications, visit you, and can provide your contact information to an immigration attorney if you choose to hire one.

Consult Orlando Immigration Attorney Gail Seeram For Help

If you or a loved one is detained by ICE, contact Orlando immigration attorney Gail Seeram for help. Undocumented immigrants do not have the right to a government appointed attorney, but they can hire an attorney to represent them.

Gail is experienced in all aspects of U.S. immigration law, including detention, immigration bonds, and appeals and offers free consultations. Text or call 407-292-7730 to speak with an immigration attorney today.