Immigration Bond

If you are in immigration custody, then an officer may have set a bond for you already. If so, you should try to pay this bond. If an immigration official has not yet set a bond for you or you are unable to pay this bond, you may request a bond hearing in front of an immigration judge who will make a decision on whether or not to give you a bond or lower the one you already have. The judge will primarily consider three things:

1- That you are not a flight risk and that you will attend all future court hearings.

2- That you are not a danger to the community and are rehabilitated after any crimes you may have committed.

3- That you have relief from removal – In other words, the greater chance you have of winning your immigration case and staying in the United States, the more likely the judge is to give you a lower bond.

The Immigration Law Offices of Gail Seeram would advocate for your release from immigration custody and issuance of an immigration bond.