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Form I-551 is the official name of the United States Green Card or Alien Registration Card. A Green Card is used to prove that the holder has been admitted to and recognized as a legal permanent residence of the U.S. The I-551 can take the form of a temporary stamp in a valid passport or it may be a physical card.

I-551s can be valid for 2 years under conditional resident status or for 10 years under permanent resident status. Permanent I-551s lasting 10 years are also available to certain investors and immediate relatives.

Conditional Green Cards may also be issued. These cards are issued to foreign citizens who marry a U.S. citizen or to foreign investors and they do come with restrictions.

Benefits of a Green Card

Anyone holding a valid I-551 or Green Card has the right to live and work permanently in the United States. However, the Card does not make the holder a citizen of the U.S. Once a Green Card holder applies for U.S. citizenship he/she must give up their Green Card. After citizenship is granted, the person is considered a dual citizen so long as they hold passports for both the U.S. and their original country.


A Green Card does not protect the holder from deportation. A holder who commits a serious crime or resides outside of the U.S. for too long will lose their I-551 privileges and benefits.

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