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Appearing in any court is a scary experience. Well, it is scarier for an illegal immigrant to appear in immigration court with the fear of being arrested and place on an airplane back to his/her home country. The most important advice an immigration lawyer can give is that the immigrant or Respondent MUST appear in immigration court at the designated date and time noted in his/her “Notice of Hearing”. If the immigrant or Respondent fails to appear in immigration court, then the immigration judge will issue an “in-abstentia” removal order – ordering deportation for failure to appear. If you are unable to attend a court hearing, write a letter to the immigration court or advise your immigration lawyer to submit a motion for a continuance. Once any removal order is issued, it is very difficult to file a successful motion to reopen.

Here are ten(10) tips to help win your immigration court case:

1. Hire an experience immigration lawyer such as Attorney Gail S. Seeram who can successfully advocate and defend your case against the government attorneys.

2. Stay informed on any changes to your next court date by calling the nationwide immigration court case status hotline 1-800-898-7180.

3. Submit a change of address form to the immigration court if you move from your current address.

4. Address the judge as “Judge” or “Your Honor” and the government attorney as “Sir or Madam”.

5. Tell the truth and do not lie under oath. Credibility is very important in immigration court and if the judge or government attorney finds out you are lying; this can lead to a denial for immigration relief.

6. Ask your immigration lawyer to order a copy of your immigration file by submitting a Freedom of Information Act request so you are aware of all the documents that relate to your case.

7. If the immigration judge denies your case, timely file an appeal within 30 days of the immigration judge’s decision.
8. Make sure your fingerprints or biometrics are submitted every year and kept up-to-date.

9. Turn off (not silence) your cell phone while in the immigration court. The immigration judge will get very upset if a cell phone rings while court is in session.

10. Make sure applications and petitions for relief are timely submitted within the deadline given by the immigration judge. Failure to timely submit petitions or motions can lead to an order of deportation.

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