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Can I use my out of state driver’s license in Florida? You can possess the driver’s license but cannot drive with the driver’s license as it will be considered an invalid driver’s license in Florida and a second degree misdemeanor.

Can I seek medical care in Florida if I am undocumented? You can and should seek medical care if you need it, regardless of your immigration status in the USA.  Starting July 1, 2023, hospitals must ask patients their immigration status.  However, you can decline to answer the question and this will not affect the medical care you receive.  This law does not give hospitals the right to deny care based on your immigration status.

Can I be charged with human smuggling for driving or living with an undocumented immigrant? It is not a crime to provide transportation within the State of Florida to anyone regardless of their immigration status.  It is not a crime to provide shelter, rent a home to, or live with folks who are undocumented.  If stopped by law enforcement officials while driving, you have the right to remain silent and demand to speak with an attorney.

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