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The Trump administration is considering ending Temporary Protected Status for Haitian nationals, rather than extending the program. Immigration Lawyer Gail S. Seeram has expressed grave concerns regarding this prospect. Not only would the elimination of TPS or Temporary Protected Status for Haiti nationals create immense hardships for close to 47,000 Haitian individuals who have lived in the United States under the program’s protection for more than seven years, it would also adversely impact the U.S. economy and workforce. Show Congress that AILA stands with Haitians by tweeting out your support and by asking members of Congress to urge DHS Secretary Kelly to re-designate TPS for Haiti.

Haiti continues to struggle and Haitian in the U.S. meet the criteria to continue receiving TPA protection.  The Haitian government is unable to meet the basic needs of its people, resolve longstanding human rights problems, or address continuing humanitarian crises, even as a new crisis emerged. In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew, a devastating storm, hit Haiti’s southwest. President Privert estimated the losses surpassed the entire national budget and warned of an impending serious food crisis, driven by the loss of crops from the storm.  How can the U.S. return Haitians in the U.S. to such devastating conditions?

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