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Immigration Lawyer Gail Seeram has been representing immigrants in the Orlando Immigration Court since 2004 and practicing law since 1999.  The Orlando Immigration Court is located at 3535 Lawton Road, Orlando, FL 32803.  The telephone number for the Orlando Immigration Court is 407-722-8900.  Currently, the Orlando Immigration Court has seven (7) immigration judges.  If you have received a notice of hearing with a date and time to appear at the Orlando Immigration Court, call the Immigration Law Offices of Gail Seeram for a FREE in-office consultation so we can discuss your winning strategy to remain in the United States.  Our law office is only 15 minutes drive from the Orlando Immigration Court.  If you fail to appear in immigration court, the immigration judge can issue an “in-abstentia order” or deportation/removal order in your absence.  In the case that you need more time to find an immigration lawyer, simple appear in immigration court and ask the immigration judge for a continuance so you can hire a lawyer.  Attorney Gail Seeram has over 15 years of experiencing representing clients in immigration court.