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Long waits for migrants in Orlando subside, but folks still express concerns getting through

ORLANDO, Fla. – The long lines at the Enforcement and Removal Operations office for Immigration in Orlando have subsided, but folks are still expressing concerns getting through.

With the recent influx of immigrants coming through the southwest border, ICE offices like the one in Orlando are being asked to process new border migrants, creating a buildup.

Spectrum News 13 interviewed several immigrants on Tuesday that said they got inside the office, but didn’t get their problems addressed. Most of them received another appointment to come back at another time, in person.

Congressman Darren Soto met with the local manager of the Orlando ICE office Tuesday afternoon, following a letter he wrote to Homeland Security about the delays people are dealing with.

“I am very pleased by the discretionary things they’re putting in place to prioritize pregnant women, families and those with disabilities. We also saw the lines start moving quite a bit because of things within their discretion,” Soto said. “What we need from up top is more resources and more personnel here.”

ICE is directing folks to visit their website and make an online appointment here:

Or you can also message this email address: