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Applying for a green card based on marriage to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident will require you to be interviewed by a U.S. Customs & Immigration Services (USCIS) officer. Without proper preparation – and sometimes even with proper preparation – applications can be denied due to “marriage fraud”.

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How to Prove Your Marriage is Legitimate

In order to pass inspection, the marriage must be determined to be “ongoing”, “made in good faith”, and “based on love”. These criteria may seem difficult to prove, but with the right preparation and advice from our immigration attorney, you can prove that your marriage is legitimate and secure your green card.

There are two methods that USCIS uses to determine whether or not a marriage is legitimate: an oral interview and documentation.

During the interview you will be questioned by an USCIS official. These questions can be very personal and are intended to reveal the true nature of your marital relationship. In addition to the interview you will be asked to provide physical documentation of the legitimacy of the marriage.

The Law Offices of Gail Seeram can help you prepare for this investigation into your marriage in several ways:

  1. We can help you file your family-based petition.
  2. We can help you prepare for your interview.
  3. We can help you identify and organize the necessary documentation to prove that your marriage is true and based on love.

Appealing a Denial

Sometimes, spouses simply don’t have enough documentation evidence that their marriage is legitimate and the application is denied, but in many ways, the investigation into your marriage is very subjective. If the officer simply doesn’t believe you are telling the truth during your interview, he or she may deny your application due to marriage fraud.

If your application has been denied and your marriage is true, understand that you do have the option to file an appeal. Appeals must be filed with the District Director of the USCIS local office that denied your visa petition within 30 days of receiving the notice of denial. Our law firm is able to help anyone whose petition has been denied file an appeal to improve their chances of overturning the judgment.

Contact The Law Offices of Gail Seeram For Marriage-Based Immigration Help

If you are applying for a green card based on marriage or have been denied due to allegations of marriage fraud, contact The Immigration Law Offices of Gail Seeram for help. A finding of marriage fraud could affect your ability to obtain other immigration benefits so if the denial is unfair or untrue, it is in your best interests to appeal the decision. Remember, you only have 30 days to file an appeal! If you miss this deadline, the appeal will be rejected immediately and the USCIS’s decision on marriage fraud will become final.

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