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Deportation is the forcible removal of people who are already in the United States, whether they are here either legally or illegally. It can be initiated for many reasons, the most often being immigration violations or criminal charges and convictions. But the removal process must follow certain procedures, which gives you time to build a defense.

If you or a loved one has been scheduled for a deportation or removal hearing, you need legal representation from an experienced Orlando immigration attorney. Your attorney will evaluate your situation to determine the best possible deportation defense strategies to fight the removal.

What To Expect During Deportation Defense Proceedings

The noncitizen will have to attend several court hearings. There will be a bond hearing, a master hearing and an individual hearing. At each of these hearings, the noncitizen will appear before an immigration judge and an attorney from the Office of Chief Counsel. With our immigration law office presenting the deportation defense, the noncitizen will have an opportunity to answer to the immigration-related charges and present a form of relief such as asylum or waiver seeking to remain in the United States.

Navigating these hearings yourself, without a Florida immigration attorney to look out for your best interests, is risky. The process can be scary, confusing, and complicated, especially in the current political climate. You do not have to face deportation alone. Representation by an asylum attorney or immigration law office is the best way to ensure you follow all rules and procedures to have your argument against deportation heard.

Even if you have already had your case heard and been unsuccessful, you may be able to appeal the ruling and if your appeal is unsuccessful, we can help you explore other options for remaining in the U.S.

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If you have been placed in deportation proceedings, contact Florida immigration attorney Gail Seeram right away. Attorney Seeram handles all types of deportation cases, including asylum and criminal cases and will advocate for your best interests.

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