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Green card and immigration applications can take a long time to process. In some cases, children who apply based on their parent’s immigration status can “age out” of their child protections and classification if they turn 21 before their application has been approved.

The Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) modifies the legal definition of “child” for the purposes of immigration. It is intended to help young people who have turned 21 before their green card or resident status is granted, but after they have submitted their application for such. The CSPA essentially freezes the applicant’s age as being the age they were when they submitted their Form I-130. This can help speed up the green card application process since the child still qualifies as an immediate relative of the parent.

The CSPA helps families stay together and protects beneficiaries who applied while under the age of 21 from aging out of child protections even if they have turned 21.

Our Orlando immigration attorney helps families take advantage of CSPA protections while they await their immigration applications.


The CSPA provides protections for the children of:

  • Immigrant families
  • Employment-based immigrants
  • Some immigrants who petition for visas on the basis of humanitarian programs

How Our Florida Immigration Law Office Can Help

While CPSA exists to protect families, the process remains complicated. Our Orlando immigration attorney helps families navigate immigration laws and the CSPA to ensure they meet all of the procedural and material requirements necessary to stay in the U.S.

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