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Entering the United States as a first-time visitor can be an exciting experience. However, if you decide to overstay or fall into unlawful immigration status, then you should take the advise of an experience immigration attorney. Immigration Law Offices of Gail S. Seeram offers her top five (5) immigration tips for anyone who is seeking lawful permanent resident status in the United States.

  1. Do not violate any immigration laws or criminal laws in the U.S. Specifically, do not claim to be a U.S. Citizen on Form I-9 so you can work, do not drive without a valid driver’s license, do not submit any fraudulent immigration documents, and do not commit any crimes that may potentially lead to a denial of your immigration case.
  2. Do not use an immigration service provider. Hire an immigration attorney to prepare and file your immigration petitions and to represent you during your interview or court hearing. Remember, only an immigration attorney can appear with you in court and at any required appearance before the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Immigration service providers cannot offer legal advise, are not legally trained, are not accountable for errors made in your case and often make many filing mistakes.
  3. Do not forget to notify immigration of your change of address within ten (10) days of moving to new residence. This can be done on Form AR-11. Alternatively, an immigration attorney can submit a change of address on-line.
  4. Do not attend your interview or immigration court hearing without an attorney. For an interview, the immigration attorney can prepare you for questions that will be asked by the immigration officer. For a court hearing, the immigration attorneys will present legal waiver or relief to the immigration judge.
  5. Do not forget to keep copies of ALL petitions and documents submitted to immigration and always keep original certified copies on-hand. Immigration only accepts copies of your original documents (such a birth certificates, marriage certificates, final judgment of divorce, name change decrees, etc.) since all documents submitted are not returned to the applicant. The exception to this rule is that original certified arrest and court records must always be submitted to immigration. Original certified copies must be brought to interview and court hearing to prove authenticity of the documents.

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