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Form I-751 is a Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. It is filed by Conditional Green Card holders who obtained their residency status through marriage and now want to apply to remove the conditions on their resident status. When initially issued, Form I-751 grants the holder a 2-year Conditional Green Card with the option to file Form I-751 before the 2-year expiration date. In the past, marriage Green Card holders would often receive extensions of up to one year once they filed Form I-751, but lately, our immigration law office has had a number of questions and concerns from clients who are receiving extensions of 18 months.

Tougher Immigration Stance Forces Extensions

The reason behind this increase comes down to the nation’s tougher stance on immigration. U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) has begun scheduling many more in-person interviews with marriage Green Card couples than they had in the past to ensure couples are engaged in a bona fide marriage and not committing immigration fraud.

It has become much more difficult to receive approval of Form I-751 applications by submitting documentation and evidence alone. Now, CIS wants to speak to more couples than they used to, which has led to a logjam in processing. As a result, they are pushing the extensions out to 18 months instead of one year.

Contact Our Orlando Immigration Law Office For Help

USCIS is requiring much more evidence than they used to and if you don’t submit enough evidence, if the evidence that you do submit is questionable, or if there are errors in your application, you will be called in for an interview.

You do not have to face USCIS on your own. The Law Offices of Gail Seeram can help you file Form I-751, review your application and evidence for accuracy and completeness, or help you prepare for your face-to-face interview.

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