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According to the Miami Herald, federal prosecutors in criminal cases are asking district judges to issue what are known as “judicial orders of removal,” which ensure that a convicted foreign national will be deported on completion of the sentence instead of being sent to an immigrant detention center to await proceedings in immigration court and then a deportation order from an immigration judge. The new “express” deportation under Trump, implements the Attorney General’s April 11, 2017, memorandum expressing a “renewed commitment to criminal immigration enforcement,” is purported to shorten the wait time for deportation, bypass backlogs in immigration court, and save the federal government money in housing and food in immigrant detention centers. 

The usual legal process for foreign nationals convicted of a crime in federal court was a transfer to immigration authorities upon completion of their prison terms for initiation of deportation proceedings in immigration court.  Trump administration officials hope the judicial orders of removal lead to an assembly line of deportations straight from the federal penitentiary and back to the countries from where the foreigners came — a sort of “express deportation” under Trump that skips the legal process in immigration court.  Several have already been issued in Miami federal court since Trump took office in January in cases involving sentencing of foreign nationals in felony cases.

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