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Washington Post reports that attorneys on behalf of Juan Manuel Montes Bojorquez, a 23-year-old DACA recipient, filed a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act on Tuesday demanding that the federal government turn over all information about his sudden removal from the United States in February 2017. Montes was stopped by a Border Patrol agent while walking to a taxi station in Calexico, California; having accidentally left his wallet in a friend’s car, he had no identification on him. Hours later, immigration officials walked Montes across the border, leaving him in Mexico. The case heightens existing concerns that DACA recipients are now being targeted for deportation, despite President Trump’s pledges to “show great heart” toward them.

Juan was brought to the United States by his family when he was 9 years old. He had graduated from high school and was working while finishing community college at the time he was picked up. He was nearly finished with his welding degree.

DACA recipients come forward, file paperwork, receive background checks, and pay fees. In exchange, they receive work authorization and a promise that the federal government will not summarily deport them. We don’t know what happened to Juan Manuel, but we are deeply concerned that his basic rights have been violated.  

The U.S. government has yet to meet its legal requirement to explain why Juan Manuel Montes Bojorque and other DACA recipients are now being targeted for deportation.

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