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Most types of immigration benefits require an interview with an immigration officer, either at a local field office in the U.S. or at an U.S. Embassy or Consular office abroad.  Some of the immigration benefits we are referring to include: applying for a green card, applying for citizenship, applying to remove conditional residency, applying for battered spouse, etc.  After the immigration interview, there are many different scenarios or actions an officer can take on your pending case.  Below are six different actions that can be taken on an immigration case after the interview:

  1. APPROVED – this is the best case scenario and you usually get your green card or citizenship oath ceremony in about 30 days.
  2. REQUEST FOR EVIDENCE – this is a notice from the officer asking for additional evidence in your case.
  3. NOTICE OF INTENT TO DENY – this is a notice where the officer details all the evidence he/she will use to deny the pending petition but the applicant will have 30-87 days to rebut the evidence presented by the officer.
  4. ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW – this is a process where the officer has placed the pending petition under review or investigation to gather additional evidence or verify eligibility for the immigration benefit.
  5. DENIED – this is a notice that denies the petition but the applicant may be able to re-file.
  6. REVOKED – this is a notice that cancels the petition as if it was never filed.

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