Deportation Protection By Obama Force State Lawsuits

Immigration Lawyer Gail Seeram fights deportation cases for her clients and is supportive of President Obama’s executive action granting deportation protection to nearly 4 million undocumented immigrants.  Last November, President Obama issued an executive order to give deportation protection to immigrants who enter under age 16, immigrant parents of U.S. citizens, expanded who can apply for the provisional waiver for unlawful presence and increased employment and investment opportunities for immigrants.  A federal lawsuit was filed in December in Brownsville, Texas, by officials in 17 states, who say the president violated the Constitution by his executive action on deportation.  Twelve states, including California, New York and Washington, and the District of Columbia, filed briefs earlier this month siding with the White House action on deportation protection.  The federal lawsuit may delay implementation of President’s Obama executive order on immigration and delay deportation protection for many families.